The Best Golf Fitness Tips To Improve Power

As we have seen on TV, golf fitness is exploding on tour. Most of the top ranking PGA players all are working out and most have their own trainers. What’s that mean for amateur golfers? It’s a wake-up call to all golfers that what I’ve said all along rings true. “Your body swings the club, so fix the machine (body) and you will play better golf”. Now don’t get me wrong. You can be super fit and still have a crappy golf swing, so technique is critical to taking advantage of a higher fitness level.

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So what should a golfer look for when it comes to improving their strength, flexibility and even endurance that can help their game? One issue I see on TV is a lot of these shows on The Golf Channel showing exercises, but for the majority of older golfers, they should NOT be doing them, as they can easily get injured. If you’ve beein exercising for a while, then sure, “knock yourself out”, but if you are out of shape, no way!

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The best golf fitness tip I can give, is realize your initial starting point, and get on a program that you can successfully complete without too much soreness or tightness. This is a trial and error thing as you will not know until you try it.

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