Pre-Wedding Dress Workout Tips

A key priority for any bride on her wedding day is to look and feel her most beautiful. Upon beginning the search for your dream bridal gown you should look for a dress that flatters your body shape and accentuates your best parts (we know women are always quick to criticise yourselves but we are certain there are some areas of your body that you like!) Once you’ve found that dress that you stand in the mirror stroking admiringly and don’t want to take off then it is time to begin an exercise regime to ensure you look in tip top condition for your once in a lifetime experience.

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It is common that there is usually one certain area on your body that bothers you the most; for the vast majority of ladies this is often their stomach, arms, thighs or bottom. So unless your have the body of a supermodel (lucky you!) you may like to continue reading to find out how some easy toning exercises taking only a few minutes a day can help to reveal a happier bride, creating a breathtaking silhouette in your wedding dress.

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Let’s begin with the tummy area. For that flat stomach and curvy waistline some regular sit ups and crunches are the way forward. Ensure you are exercising your lower tummy muscles too by doing some leg only V sits – simply sit on the floor with your legs elevated and alternating between bending and straightening your knees. If you want to push yourself and that body of yours a little bit more then use a gym ball.

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