Exercises and Workouts – Best Moves For Great Trap Development






If you are excited about your workout program and are managing to get in the exercises you need, one muscle group you do not want to forget is the traps or trapezius muscles. While many men are aware well-developed traps can completely transform their look; many women shy away from trap building exercises.Best Sarms Company

But you must remember, the traps are not only sitting above the neck. The trapezius muscles will also be running down the center of your back and into the lower back to a slight degree; thus they can transform your look overall. As such, it is a muscle group both men and women should be focusing on. So which exercises are going to be your best bets for strengthening this muscle group? Let us take a look…

1. Barbell High Rows. Barbell high rows are not only great for working the shoulder muscles, as they are commonly used for, but also for operating the traps. The trick here is to lean forward slightly which is going to help place more stress on the trapezius muscles, taking some of the pressure off the delt muscles.

When doing this, use a slow and controlled range of motions and make sure you do not take the bar higher than parallel to your shoulders. Many people make this mistake and it can place a strain on your shoulders if you do.

2. Trap Bar Deadlifts. This style of the deadlift is going to be superior to a standard deadlift because your grip is slightly wider apart and the position it tilts your upper body into is going to place more strain on the trapezius muscles themselves.

Because of the positioning of the body, this exercise is also going to allow you to load up more weight, thus creating more of overloading stress on the muscles you are targeting.

Do these towards the start of your workout as they are a significant compound move and will take a great deal of energy to perform.

3. Seated Cable Rows. Seated cable rows are the next exercise you will want to include in your trap building plan. Seated cable rows are beneficial in working the rear delts, the lats and the lower traps, especially when done slowly and in a controlled range of motion.

The main focus here? Squeeze those shoulder blades! The harder you squeeze your shoulders together, the more overall strain you will experience on the mid-trapezius muscles.

4. Pull-Downs. Finally, do not overlook the value of pull-downs. While commonly thought of as a lat building exercise, pull-downs are an excellent move for working the lower trap region as well.

If you do not have access to a pull-down machine, you can simply do pull-ups.

There you have the best exercises for growing your trapezius muscles. Are there any you are missing in your workout routine? If you want to build as strong of a back as possible, it will be important these are a focus of your program.

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